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Seasonal Information
Campground Policies


Waubeeka is renowned for Its exciting weekend schedules of events, activities and seemingly non-stop fun for all ages.  Once you become a seasonal guest, added elements offer an entirely different weekday-camping and old school style experience for you to enjoy! Our seasonal guests may camp on any or all days within the season. We have no limits on how much time you spend with us, and your private access “Gate Card” allows you season-long, 24-hour entrance to the campground. Many of our guests harvest elevated vacation value by choosing to spend their week-long (or more) vacation times with us in the more relaxed, “unplugged” from the norm, hustle-and-bustle-free environment that alternatively aligns with the camping experience appreciated by those who camped before us and began an entire industry based on “escaping”.


  • Sleep late/Get up early

  • Stay up late/Stay up later

  • Cook breakfast outdoors

  • Take time to eat breakfast (Maybe also outdoors)

  • Play Guitar

  • Takes Nature walks / hike

  • Play cards

  • Picnic

  • Enjoys a soft ice cream

  • Play cornhole/horseshoes

  • Plays mini-golf

  • Swim or sun-bathe

  • Meditates/Yoga

  • Play/Spend-time with their children

  • Go Fishing

  • Go boating

  • Tell ghost stories at the fire

  • Spend time with loved ones

  • Biking - Crafting/scrap-booking

  • Photography (Nature / Wildlife)

  • Sketching/Painting

  • Take a nap

  • Watch the sunrise

  • Play frisbee

  • Watch the sun set

  • Skip rocks

  • Thinks of things to do

  • Visit someone or Visit no-one

  • Does whatever mood strikes them at whatever time they are stricken ….. and so on.


Seasonal camping provides a robust, six-month-long value that in most instances, proves far less costly when compared to even only a single destination weekend. Without the weekend reservation and scheduling constraints of short term ( Aka: “short-stay”, “weekender” or “transient”) camping, you can partake in every fun-filled weekend (Holiday or otherwise) if you so desire, or only those that fit easily into your family’s schedule without restrictions and the site you choose to camp on is never shared as it is yours for the entire season. Dig in. Set up and Camp-at-will!



Gone would be the “Frantic Fridays” spent packing, loading (or forgetting to) leave work early, pick up the kids and rush to camp where you’ll spend your first hours setting up (frantically again) so you can hurry up and relax only to repeat in reverse, equally as frantically, on Sunday morning by checkout time. A lot of work and effort is spent on short-term camping trips toward the simpler goal of relaxing. Seasonal campers enjoy the convenience of just “pulling into their site, unlocking the door of their RV and opening a beverage. Food? It’s in the pantry and the fridge. Clothes? Yup. They’re already in the drawers. Level the camper? Nope. Already done. Hook up the sewer, water and electricity? Also, nope. Done! These simple, initial benefits are obvious.



Sites Starting at $3,700

Not ready to become a seasonal yet?


  • Season: May 1 – October 15

  • Rate includes up to 2 adults and Up to 4 Dependent children, 17 or younger.

  • Additional Guests packages are available. Children 3 and under are free.

  • Children 3 and under are free.

  • Winter storage: Included at no additional cost if renewed for the following season.

  • Golf Cart Registration Fee: $100 per cart. Must be licensed and insured.

  • Pets: No additional charge. Up to two allowed.

  • Wifi: Standard free, premium available.

  • Electric: Metered. $150 Electric Deposit required.

  • All incoming RV campers must have a manufacturing date of 10 years or newer for admission into the campground (12 years for destination units and 15 years for park model units). Older units may be available at General Managers Prior written approval.

Call today for a list of available sites and to schedule a tour/viewing. (518-261-1791 or 866-387-1956)

See your Seasonal License Agreement for complete terms and conditions.

Visitor passes are available

view visitor rates and information



Reset yourself and decompress from the daily grind



Potentially enjoyed every weekend for 26 weeks



Quality time for

yourself and family


  • Pre-open reservation window exclusive to family and friends of seasonals.

  • Heavily discounted (sometimes N/C) Use of campground buildings, pavilions…etc. (at Park’s Discretion re: load / scheduling)

  • Decks, sheds allowed on your site (rules and approvals apply)

  • Stake your claim on the campsite of your choice! (From our list of available sites varied in price to suit different budgets)

  • Ability to retain your same site year over year (when following year is reserved in the fall)

  • Landscape and decorate your site to make it your own. (Digging restrictions apply)

  • Scheduled access to check your property in the off-season, is allowed.

  • Discounted, exclusive seasonal guest and visitor pricing packages.

  • Structured contract riders available to increase the enjoyment for your family.

  • 2 Car, on-site parking @ no additional charge

  • No Cost Visitor and Guest parking lots throughout the park for your guests

  • Park-wide Wifi

  • Golf Carts (Gas or Electric) allowed season long for a single annual registration fee.

  • Season-long, 24 Hour gate access.

  • Seasonal-Exclusive invitations to corporate-sponsored events.


  • Visitor Policy: Campers are responsible for their guests. A visitor’s pass must be purchased for guests five years of age and older. Unregistered guests and their hosts will be asked to leave the park. All visitors must be in the park and registered by 9 PM. All Adult persons entering the park MUST provide PHOTO ID. A name for each guest must be provided at Check In. No exceptions Visitors to our Registered campers MAY NOT bring pets with them.
  • Pets:  Up to 2 pets per RV sites and Rustic Cabins. NO PETS ALLOWED in Tent Area, Deluxe Cabin, or Premiere Cabin. Pets are the responsibility of their owner. Please be courteous and clean up after your pet. We are a pet friendly resort, but pets must be walked on a leash and may not disturb other guests. Management reserves the right to restrict disruptive, aggressive, or exotic pets. No retractable leashes. All pets must have proof of rabies vaccination on file in the office at time of check in.
  • You must be at least 25 years of age to make a reservation and at least one adult needs to be camping at all times.
  • 1 Camping Unit per campsite. Tents may not occupy an RV or cabin site. Base rate includes 2 Adults and 4 children 17 & younger. On all campsites and in all rentals. “Unless otherwise noted”. Contact office to add additional guests
  • Children under 18 are the responsibility of their parents or guardian and need to return to their campsite at quiet time.

  • Quiet time is 11 :00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.

  • Campfires must never be left unattended and trash burning is prohibited. Campfires must always be contained within the designated fire ring. Safety first!

  • Vehicles must have a valid pass at all times in the campground. Please see the park office if you did not receive a pass at check-in. All drivers must have a valid state driver’s license. Learning permits are not accepted. Driving any vehicle (including golf carts) while intoxicated will result in removal from the campground. Follow the instructions of all park team members and park signage.

  • Speed limit throughout the entire park is 5 mph. Please drive slowly and watch out for children and pets.

  • Amenities have specific sets of rules. Please refer to the signage at each location

  • Wi-Fi, is available throughout the park free of charge. It is for answering e-mails and viewing websites. It is not designed for movie or music downloads. Higher speed available at an additional charge.

  • Trash should be put in dumpsters as indicated on the campground map. Household trash ONLY. Please see the office if you need to dispose of ANYTHING else. Please keep your site clean and leave it as you found it.

  • Please be courteous of other guests and use only roadways and access paths. Walking or biking through campsites is prohibited.

  • Washing your vehicle at your site is not permitted. Please help us conserve water.

  • Strictly prohibited items or actions include: firearms, fireworks (including firecrackers), loud or disorderly conduct and foul language.

  • Motorcycles may only be driven from the park office/registration area to your site.

  • Motorized Vehicles: electric bikes, electric scooters, hoverboard, etc. are prohibited. Motorized Equipment used for mobility issues must be insured or approved by office prior to arrival.

  • Appliances (other than those standard in an RV) shall not be brought into the campground for any rentals or sites.

  • Golf Carts: All campers bringing in a golf cart (electric or gas) are required to pay the daily fee and provide valid proof of insurance. You must display a golf cart pass at all times. Any person driving a golf cart must have a valid driver’s license, learning permits are not accepted.

Seasonal sites please refer to your seasonal agreement.

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